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PLUARIX: oh, how creative.

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PLUARIX: a work journal.

This is a work journal. Ah, yes. It's pretty much just for icons and stories and other little thingers I make that I don't want to put in my actual journal, because then it gets in the way of my personal crap and whatnot, hence the creation of this community thing here. I used to have bobxisxlove, but I kick it to the curb and replaced it with this. <3

Har har har~ Who am I, you ask? I be Arisa, or Ari or Plum or Plu or whatever. I'm just a nut that you probably won't give a crap about, so why ask? Just enjoy the little snidbits I provide and you don't have to even bother without knowing who -I- am. It's all in the "art". :3 But ... well, if you're still curious, my life is pretty much written about in my journal, thumbs.

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